Personal Training

If you want the ultimate way to hone your physique, boost your energy and fitness, and gain new found strength and confidence, personal training with me is ideal for you.

What makes the Meanfitfoxes programme? We have three parts that mesh together to form an effective, fun and fast way to get fit, burn fat and gain confidence in yourself and your body.

WEIGHT TRAINING forms the basis of our programmes as it is one of the most effective ways to burn fat, tone muscle and build a lean physique.

HIGH OCTANE CONDITIONING takes care of your cardiovascular health and keeps your metabolism humming. This will keep you feeling energetic and boost your stamina and fitness levels.

NUTRITION is the final pillar in our fitness system. Ditch the outdated notion of dieting and food restrictions and embrace the new way of eating for health and enjoyment. We work on making the right food choices to keep you healthy and energised all day long

FoxFit Classes

Love your classes? Love getting your sweat on whilst releasing your inner dance diva? Or you want to get #StrongNotSkinny with a group of like minded Foxes?

If you like training in a group – and there are many people that do, then a FoxFit session may just be for you!

We run dance, cardio and general conditioning classes for PureGym members (if you’re not a member, sign up for a day pass!)

#StrongNotSkinny workshops are held on the weekends for foxes who want to learn how to lift and lift heavy! #StrongNotSkinny sessions are held weekly for those who’ve been to a workshop (or are PT clients)

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