Are You Ready For The #PrettyStrongLifter Transformation Programme?

You can become a #PrettyStrongLifter

Get confident with training in the gym - no more "I don't know what to do", no more "I feel intimidated by the weights"! Learn all you need to know for effective training in the gym and at home, learn to train with free weights and get tight, defined muscles. Get strong, feel good, look good.

#PrettyStrongLifter is a hybrid online and in person training programme. There are sessions all throughout the day every week (and new time slots are in the pipeline), we can find suitable slots literally for everyone.

What will #PrettyStrongLifter do for you?

It will help you to

  • Push your fitness, physique and conditioning to a new level
  • Get fitter, stronger, healthier
  • Know what to do in the gym
  • Get results, see your progress
  • Get confident
  • Structured training
  • Community support
  • Have fun whilst getting fit!

This package includes:

  • 3 online coaching sessions per week
  • 1 online or in person workshop where we fine tune our technique
  • Progressive training and individual programme
  • #TeamFox group community and support 
  • Use of the MeanFitFoxes app, including nutritional guide
  • Sweaty Betty exclusive to #TeamFox Discount!
Check out what some of our squad say training with MeanFitFoxes means to them:
It make sense of fitness by having structure, mutual support from the team and a curated program delivered by Polina with care, knowledge and dedication - Anna F.
It means health (mental and physical), encouragement, confidence, self care... The sense of accomplishment. - Kel GR.
A team of amazing women who all support each other in reaching their goals, whatever they may be. And making training fun! 😊 - Stacey S.
A place to forget everything else and gain confidence whilst being supported by women who are strong in more ways than one 🥰 - Jaeh S.
The #PrettyStrongLifter package works out less than £9 per day - less than your average takeaway, a small investment to finally learn everything that currently frustrates you and see your body change.
In 12-months time what would you need to have achieve in order for you to label working with us a success?