My Clients
Love To Get Fit


Training with Polina has been immense. She provides almost 24/7 support and encouragement, is enthusiastic and makes training fun.

Everything we do is goal focused, and she has taught me a great deal in a short amount of time regarding nutrition and exercise.

Training with Polina has helped me be more efficient in my workouts, I am eating well, lots and enjoying my food, and therefore I feel like I have more energy. I can’t recommend her highly enough

- Laura Taborn


Beautiful, talented and professional. I was going to the gym doing things without any directions until I approach Polina for coaching sessions. Best decision I have ever made, she works the entire body from the core, educated me on my diet of which I snap to her. I was motivated and soon started seeing result.

I have moved from 107 kg to 98.9 and still going. With her as a coach, I was put in the right direction, I can carry on when she isn't around and also use the gym more sensible. I feel great still losing weight, thanks Polina for being a great coach.

- Coreen Winters


Thank you for teaching me that being strong is pretty bloody amazing!

I loved our sessions so much! I promise to always eat my veg...

- Emma Roberts


After watching Polina train the Foxes for couple months at the gym, I knew I wanted to be part of the team. I actually look at my fitness life as before Foxes and after Foxes.

Training with Polina has changed my perspective and I no longer go to gym to lose weight; I go there to become happier and stronger. I look forward to every training session, whether it's 1 to 1, SNS or our small class with other Foxes.

Polina is very thorough with her training, but also make it interesting and and fun, so it never feels like a routine or dreaded workout. I admire her enthusiasm and dedication to her team and each individual person. Polina is always happy to help and provides support and help anytime I need. I am really happy to be part of this incredible community!

- Veronika Hulkova


I've been motivated to keep training and practice the techniques you've taught me, and will continue to practice them at the gym.

In terms of how the sessions and lifting has made me feel, of course happy to say!

It definitely built my confidence and shatters my own misconceptions about myself! Being surprised at how much I can lift, what else can I achieve that I didn't believe I could?

- Joanna Firth