Get Amazing Abs
For The Holidays

Hey there, fellow Fox! As I'm writing this, the supermarket shelves are getting filled up to the brim with mince pies, brandy butter and a few turkeys...yes, it's that time of year, October, when we all start thinking about Christmas and the holidays.

It starts earlier every year doesn't it? And you know what? I do enjoy it 🙂 Thing is, even I feel a bit rubbish if I don't keep up with some exercise and quite a lot of you feel the same as you asked for tips on how to keep in shape for the holiday season.

That's why I came up with this 4 week challenge - we'll work on getting stronger abs and we'll work on showing off those abs by burning body fat and improving our nutrition!

And hey, what challenge is a challenge without some sort of prize? More details to be revealed as we go along but week 1 is a Plank Challenge...

So stick your email in below - we get started officially on the 6th November and run through till the 1st December! (Psst, if you want to get a leg up - start practicing the plank)