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Feel fitter, feel great and feel energised!

#PrettyStrongLifter Online

If you are looking for structured training, accountability and support every step of the way to be able to look back in a few months and proudly say you’ve are stronger, happier, achieving your goals – you are in the right place.

Join me and TeamFox in our sessions – some gruelling, some a bit crazy – all without exception great fun!
Train effectively and efficiently, with our training schedule you will get strong and lean, so prepare to feel great, look amazing and for new clothes shopping!

What will #PrettyStrongLifter Online do for you?

It will help you to

Bring structured effective training into your living room
Get motivated to keep or start exercising
Get fitter, stronger, healthier
Get results, see your progress
Get confident
#TeamFox support – the best training partners you will ever have
Have fun whilst getting fit!

You’ll need access to a gym, barbell and plates OR a dumbbell (a weight you can reasonably manage, typically 6 – 12kg) and, optionally, if you have one a 12 – 16kg kettlebell

This package includes:

1 one-to-one onboarding session to start your off
3 online coaching sessions per week (with equipment)
1 in person (or online) group session every week
#TeamFox FB group community and support
Weekly get-togethers, webinars and catch-ups
Use of the MeanFitFoxes app, including nutritional guide
Sweaty Betty exclusive to #TeamFox Discount!

Check out what some of our squad say training with MeanFitFoxes means to them:

It means health (mental and physical), encouragement, confidence, self care… The sense of accomplishment. It doesn’t matter what else I did in the day, if I have a day of training 😁 – Kel GR.

Strength mental and physical, feminism, friendship, discipline, hard work, fun and self care – Rohini R.

Empowerment to be the strong woman that i had the potential to be all along 🙂 and feeling strong physically makes me feel strong mentally! – Dasha B.

A team of amazing women who all support each other in reaching their goals, whatever they may be. And making training fun! 😊 – Stacey S.

A place to forget everything else and gain confidence whilst being supported by women who are strong in more ways than one 🥰 – Jaeh S.

You can keep everything as it is right now. Or you can start taking steps towards the place YOU want to be.

#PrettyStrongLifter Online package works out at under £10 per day – that’s less than Nando’s! Book the 6 month package or 12 month packages and save even more.

Invest in yourself to spend your time effectively and get to where you need and want to be with your health, fitness and body goals!


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