PureGym #StrongNotSkinny Sessions


Book your #StrongNotSkinny Sessions!

Please note that you must have attended a #StrongNotSkinny workshop or be a MeanFitFoxes PT client to attend.

Once ordered, we’ll be in touch to book the sessions.

Sessions are held on

Monday morning, 9am

Tuesday morning, 6.15am
Tuesday evening, 4.45pm
Tuesday evening, 5:30pm
Tuesday evening, 6.15pm
Tuesday evening, 7.00pm
Tuesday evening, 8.00pm

Wednesday evening, 6.00pm
Wednesday evening, 7.00pm

Thursday morning, 6.15am
Thursday morning, 7.00am
Thursday evening, 8.00pm

Friday evening, 6.00pm

Saturday morning, 10.00am
Saturday morning, 10.45am

Sunday morning, 09.00am
Sunday morning, 10.00am

More sessions are being added so if you have another time you’d prefer to train, let us know 🙂


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