#TheUltimateFox Subscription

From: £448.00 / month

Psst! Want to get amazingly fit, lean, strong and toned – and be ready to take on the whole world? Then the #UltimateFox Fitness & Strength Bundle is for you

This monthly subscription contains:

1 * weekly 1 : 1 PT Session
1 * weekly #PrettyStrongLifter Weight Lifting Session
1 * weekly #Foxfit #Afterburn HIIT Session

Training programme
In depth coaching and technique analysis
Bespoke nutrition advice

In our Personal Training session, everything is designed to work together to make you fitter, toned and more defined. In our #StrongNotSkinny session we will make you stronger – which is a huge confidence booster and we will give you a strength-conditioning workout unlike any other you’ve had in the gym in #Afterburn where we drag sleds, carry sandbags, duck walk with super heavy weight, wrestle with Jim (our wrestling dummy) and lift “Atlas Stones” to torch fat and build beautiful definition in our arms, legs and bum!

Book for 6 months and you get 2 BodPod body composition assessments (worth £100) as well – one at the start of your training and one after about 5 months.

Book for 12 months and you get 3 BodPod body composition assessments (worth £150)

Alternatively there is a monthly subscription package which renews every month. It’s easy to cancel and if you have any questions at all, get in touch!

Also note that small group sessions (#StrongNotSkinny & #Afterburn) can only be swapped within that week. For example, if you can’t make a Thursday #afterburn session you can switch to Saturday.


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