This Year I Will Learn…Week 2 Of Our Fitness Booster Programme

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Week 2 of our 6 week fitness booster programme. Here I want you to transform exercise into a daily habit – I speak to so many people who treat exercise like a chore – something worse than doing the dishes (really!)

Learn to treat exercise as something fun, something to do every day and something you can learn every single day, and you’ll get fitter. When you treat exercise as a short-term goal – lose the Christmas dinner, get ready for summer, lose weight for that wedding you’re going to – you’ll be forever on a yo-yo diet or an exercise plan with the accompanying stress cycles and constantly feeling guilty.

This week I want you add two exercises and practice them to practice them on a daily basis. It should take you no more than ten minutes and you could do it in five if you put your phone down and stay away from your Instagram feed πŸ˜‰

Every day, without fail, I want you to practice push ups and hollows.


Hollow Leg Extensions

There are two reasons I want you to do this.

Firstly, I want to make exercise a daily habit, something that you do without thinking.

Secondly, I want you to learn new skills. Learn how to do a new move in the gym, learn to lift weights or learn to do a handstand. It will shake up your routine and make you fitter, it will keep you mentally sharp and it will give you a cool, bad ass move for the gym. I’ve trained plenty of women to do push-ups and the confidence boost when they perfect their push-up is amazing.

Anyway, onto this weeks workouts!

Session 1: Perform the routine as two combos with 30 second rest between, repeat 5 times
Session 2: Perform the entire routine as one BIG combo, repeat 5 times with 30 seconds rest between. Note that there is an added press in Session2 πŸ™‚

Nutrition: ensure you drink plenty of water, and make sure to have a small glass of water before you meals.

Daily practice (in the gym at the end of the session or at home any time) – 5 reps 3 sets – Push-ups and hollows

Mobility and warm up (each session) – 10 reps – 1 set
Overhead squat.

Lift Combos:

Combo 1 (session 1)
Reverse lunge / Dumbbell squat

Combo 2 (session 1)
RDL / Dumbbell row

BIG Combo (session 2)
Reverse lunge / Dumbbell squat & press / RDL / Dumbbell row

Cardio (each session)
Slam ball – 20sec slam / 20sec rest – 8 rounds

Accessory (each session) – hold for time, build up to 1min – 3 sets each side
Cable stack hold

Stretch to finish off (each session)