Are you fitter than you were 10-20 years ago? Case Study: Anna

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Are you fitter than you were 10 years ago? If you are in your 30s, 40s, or perhaps 50s – can you say you are now in a better shape than when you were 25? For #TransformationTuesday I want to share a story, not mine, although the above refers to me too, my client’s.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that we don’t focus on just the physical changes that happen when you train with me, but on how it changes you mentally, how you become more confident, positive, excited about being strong and ready for a challenge.

This time last year, Anna took on quite a cool mission – to deadlift 100kg for her 50th birthday.

The process was hard – I won’t sugar-coat it, we had to step back and update some technical aspects, but both Anna and I were genuinely transformed by this training process. Lifting heavy weights helps you develop determination and focus, stubbornness and positivity. And lifting weights with #TeamFox also develops community, women I train all are of different ages and fitness backgrounds and all support, motivate and inspire each other, they saw what Anna is doing, saw how week by week things are coming together and how sometimes there’s struggle and a battle. And each one was super inspired how through focus and consistency Anna made her dream, her goal, which seemed somewhat crazy (a 50 year old wants to start lifting heavy stuff, women should not be lifting at all!) become reality

Anna’s show up, focus, do you best truly shows that a girl can achieve anything, at any age! I was and still am super proud when Anna mentioned with a dash of surprise and well-deserved pride that she is much stronger and fitter than she used to be in her 30s, that she is now doing things she never thought she can even attempt!

For obvious reasons we haven’t been able to do a 102kg before her 51st 😂
But I’ve no doubt that whenever there is an opportunity we’ll build it up again.

Meanwhile, lockdown or not – Anna is working on her mobility, keeping her general fitness up, how many 51 year olds mums (not ex-bodybuilders!) do you know who can do a deep squat and sport a six pack?

The moral of the story:
To start training, to get fitter and stronger you do NOT need to have weight loss, body fat, transformation goals at all. I know many women are put off training because traditionally it comes with pressure to set some body goals.

Forget just training for your looks. Get stronger than you used to be. Being stronger helps with anything – see it transform your life. This is not something that just drops at you – you become strong. Everyone has their own speed, their own level and age has nothing to do with it.

Is this what you need, what are looking for? If yes – contact me now and let’s get you training with #TeamFox either online or, if you are based in London, in the gym, and get you the strongest and fittest you’ve ever been. And every time you achieve a PB, every time you learn a new skill, TeamFox will be there to cheer you on and encourage you to the next level, this sort of support is invaluable!