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Hello foxes!

As you know, the online Barre sessions are to have some fun, dance around our living rooms (or, lucky you if you have one, your garden) and get away from the stresses of lockdown life.

And that’s why the sessions are free! It’s an easy way for us to get together and be together, even when we have to be apart.

The sessions have been getting busier but I’ve decided to keep them free and do a little bit to help our communities in these times.

There’s absolutely no obligation but if you’re enjoying Barre it would be amazing if you donated to the #TeamFox charities, which you can find here. Any amount will be fine!

One of my “classic” routines will be the main feature of the session, so I’ve embedded the moves into the video above. Take some time to learn it, the class will be easier 🙂