Get Abs – Band Resisted Hollow Extension

In #GetAbs by Polina

I’ve been adding some advanced core training for my long-term clients – planks just won’t cut it anymore I’m afraid, so thought I’d share some of the goodies here to you, my blog readers 😉

Using bands and cables for extra resistance is one of the first things we do when we want to up the intensity.

Hook a band up to something secure and adopt the hollow position.
Hold onto the band with straight arms.
Push your lower back flat into the ground, lift your legs and bend your knees fully (bring your knees to your chest)
Pull the band overhead, keep the arms straight, inhale, and as you exhale extend your legs out and hold. Hold as low and as long as can – make sure your back is not arching.

Inhale and return to the start position.

*** if your back is arching, do the same exercise with one leg, hold for longer – will help to build up to two legs.