My attempts at making healthy ice creams

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It’s summer in London (calendar says so) and, okay, let’s face it – summer with no sun is a familiar sight, that’s what beach holidays are for, but summer with no ice cream is definitely no summer!

Especially if they look like this by Dum Dum Doughnuts.

Ice cream in a croissant cone. Cue drooling…

However, for the sake of our blood sugar levels, these really should be a one off. One a year that is!

If you’re looking for something healthier, I’ve been experimenting with healthier ice creams from Precision Nutrition.

Here’s a picture of my first attempts at the avocado and coconut ice. We had almost all the ingredients in the cupboard, so this was the easiest option!


I substituted rice milk for almond milk as the “almond milk” here in the UK is a joke – 2% almonds, 98% water?

And I added some aniseed flavour, which really works well, so, all in all, it tasted very nice and hit the spot as an ice cream substitute!

Going to make more next weekend 😉

Here are the recipes. Trust me, you’ll want to make ALL OF THEM, and check out the content difference to shop-bought ice-creams! Let me know which flavours you try making, let’s compare results 🙂 Enjoy! xx

Precision Nutrition Ice Cream