No Time in the morning? Shake it, baby! :)

In #Superfoods, Nutrition by Polina

Many of us are finding it difficult to eat in the morning – we haven’t woken up yet, rushing to get out of the house, kids, make-up, etc… Only a few of us get a sit-down family breakfast – oh, luxury!

Overnight or Super-Simple Oats do work but sometimes even this option is a tad too much as it requires a spoon 🙂

So here’s a step-by-step to building your own version of the famous PN SuperShake – they stand by it, it works for thousands of people, give it a go.

There are some very rare people who do not need to eat at regular periods of time and one late-night-binge-meal is sufficient nutrient-wise. However, vast majority of us does need energy throughout the day and feel plus function much better with a nutritious breakfast inside them!