The truth about sugar revealed, listen now

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OK, everyone, we have spoken about it many times, we know we need to watch it, but do we really watch how much sugar we take?

Well, no more yada-yada, here is something EVERYONE SHOULD LISTEN – Fructose: The Bitter Sweet Sugar. It’s 28 mins – doable! Scientists have divided into two opposing camps and argue whether current obesity issues everywhere in the world are really caused by sugar, specifically fructose, or not. It is a great listen, very good explanations of what sugar does, and both camps get to say their things.

IMHO, the scary bit is that they still have not run any properly controlled tests of effect on humans, so everyone can see the results and agree once and for all. Animal tests have been controlled well and show specific results, surely same is arrangeable for humans? The answer is probably – funding. Many studies paid for by the industries involved, leading to, surprise-surprise, inconclusive results…

Also how can any scientist seriously say that despite all data showing 50-100% increase in fructose consumption in the USA over the last 40-years, there’s been no overall increase, and explain this statement by decrease of table sugar consumption?

Basically, high fructose corn syrup (the bad stuff) went massively up, sucrose (the normal stuff) went down, bringing the line of fructose consumption to exactly ZERO (??), this period coincides with obesity epidemics in the USA – doesn’t this mean that fructose is playing a major role in people going fat, even if it’s being off-set?  Doesn’t make sense.

Summary of things that do make sense for me:

  • Sugar breaks down into glucose and fructose. Glucose gives us energy, fructose stays as liver fat.
  • Animals stuff themselves on fruit and berries not only to get energy but also to stock up on fat for hungry times
  • Ages ago we, humans, did exactly the same (evidence exists) but with development and progress we’ve lost the need
  • 200 years ago sugar was a luxury and people consumed 4lb/year. Nowadays ave American goes through 120lb/year.
  • Even 40 years ago people moved much much more than we do nowadays. Exercise balances things out in the body.
  • Both camps agree that sweet drinks are a huge issue, this includes the drinks we think healthy – juices and smoothies.
  • The sweeter the fruit, the more glucose + fructose it has.
  • Fruits have vitamins and fiber, fruity drinks do not.

So now you know. Next time you are about to grab a coke, blend a smoothie or bite into a slice of cake, you can have a think how it all balances for you – do you have any stubborn kg, is it possible you’ve been over consuming sugar without realising, are you exercising enough to help body utilise all things consumed?