Want Results? Concentrate On The Big Things

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I’ve noticed a trend in the gym.

It’s people sitting on foam rollers for ages, squatting on BOSU balls and doing stretches to activate their lower traps…or something like that.

All useful things to do but does it help you achieve your goals?

Look, I know that almost everyone wants to lose body fat, “tone” up and feel more energetic. Does spending twenty minutes on a foam roller help towards that goal?

I’d say no. The same goes for training your balance on a BOSU ball and a million other things people do rather than, well, real training πŸ™‚

When I get asked what the one thing to do instead, the answer is always – concentrate on the big things, the exercises that do more than one thing.

Here’s my go to list of big exercises, in no particular order.

Deadlift. For strong and toned hamstrings, a butt of steel and a lower back that can withstand anything you throw at it, the deadlift is usually the answer.

Overhead squat. Tone up your legs, strengthen your core and get a mobile and flexible upper body? Learn to overhead squat.

Cable face pulls. Banish bingo wings, get beautiful shoulders and a great core work out with face pulls. These will also help you fix desk job posture issues too. One of my primary upper body exercises.

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