Get Powerful…Week 4 Of Our Fitness Booster Programme

In #FitnessBoost2017 by Polina

This week we work on getting powerful. Power means we move faster and move with more strength, not only is it great for your health and fitness, but it kickstarts your metabolism and boosts your ability to burn fat. Also, as we get older, we inevitably slow down – so training to move faster and more powerfully keeps us going for that much longer.

Training for speed and power is also a lot of fun! If you’re ever stressed, throw a medicine ball against a wall or slam it into the ground. You’ll feel better instantly 🙂

To train speed optimally we need to do it at the start of our workouts and 3 sets of 3 – 5 reps is plenty.

Then proceed onto the squats from week 3 and finish off with the combo circuits from week 2 then we’re done! A great gym workout that will get you strong, get you fitter and burn fat.

Power training can be done with a lot of different equipment. Prowlers, Olympic lifts and I’ve used medicine balls because most gyms will have them (make sure they’re the non bouncy types)

Med Ball Power Workout

Ground slam

Med Ball Slams – one of my favourite ways to warm up and develop power. Drive the med ball through the ground and use your arms to slam it into the ground. Brace your abs and work your core at the same time 🙂

Back throw

This exercise gives your butt and legs a fantastic workout. It works “triple extension” a move that strengthens your hips, knees and ankles and will give you a super powerful physique. Again, it’s also a lot, a lot of fun too 🙂

Squat throw

Develop glutes of steel and strong, toned legs. This is also a fantastic exercise to develop overall athleticism and coordination too!

Side slam

This works your obliques, core and upper body. As always, med ball slams are a great way to burn off calories and destress too 🙂