8 Tips To Help Beat Your Sugar Cravings

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I love chocolate and cheesecake. And a good dessert, especially if it comes with ice cream. I take photos of macarons and get excited by programmes like Bake Off – Creme de la Creme.

But I am mindful of diabetes in the family, my own high blood sugar levels, and most of all, I just dislike dependence on anything. As much as I love Hotel Chocolat, I do not like craving it.

Replacing bread, rice and pasta with cooked greens, pulses and avocado has changed my life – biscuits became redundant in under a week! I still love my desserts, however I now have dessert when I really feel like having one, not at the end of every meal plus as a 4 o’clock-pick-me-up.

I do get asked a lot if it’s willpower. I think it’s biology and mindfulness. Eating whole foods fills you up, if you are nicely full, and recognise this, then you will also acknowledge that having sweets/biscuits/cakes with your tea is just a habit, convenience. And it makes so much easier to say no.

There’s nothing wrong with having your dessert but it should be totally up to you, not down to a habit or a craving.

Here are some tried-and-tested tips I have rounded up, let me know :

  • Having savoury breakfasts helps to set the day. After having the initial sugar boost your body usually asks for a top up.
  • Avoid breads, especially supermarket-bought, especially white.
  • Eat protein for breakfast. It releases dopamine (feel good hormone), so come 11am you will want sugar less. I mash an avocado into some plain yoghurt and add a spoon of spirulina for my daily brekkie.
  • Include spinach, kale, other leafy greens in your breakfast. Leafy greens contain thylakoids – appetite suppressing chemicals.
  • Add cinnamon to your coffee or tea instead of sugar. Cinnamon stabilises blood sugar reducing spikes and cravings. Cinnamon works well with coffee and most teas.
  • Have fresh fruits instead of fruit juices, fruit smoothies and soft drinks. Fibre in fruit will keep your full and natural sugars get processed better.
  • Keep hydrated. Often we think we are getting hungry and need a snack, whilst it’s our body signalling to top up our water levels.
  • Try chromium supplements in the morning. Check with your doctor first regarding the dosage and suitability.