Big Bang Exercises – Angled Press & Cable Pull Superset

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This is my favourite upper body combo as it targets, well, everything!

If you’re interested in toned, sleek arms, well defined shoulders and tight triceps this is something you should add to your workout.

If you experience shoulder pain – a lot of people experience shoulder impingement issues whilst doing the normal straight up and down shoulder press, this alternative might work better for you. The cable pull exercise helps improve your posture and shoulder balance by working the rear shoulders and upper back.

And here’s the cable pull, which targets the upper back and rear shoulders.

And if you want an advanced version of the angled shoulder press, and you might want to hate me the day after this exercise, try the angled shoulder press and squat. This will get your heart pumping, legs wobbling and arms begging for mercy! It’s a great way to finish off your workout if you want a challenge.