Big Bang Exercises – Heavy Weight Training

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This week we talk more about a concept than a specific exercise, and that concept is, as the title implies, heavy weight training!

Before we start, I know what you Foxes are probably thinking.

“But won’t I get bulky!???”


Okay, this myth really needs to go away. Weight training gives us ladies an athletic, trim physique. In very rare cases, you might end up “bulkier” but if you have a tendency to this, you’ll know by now! The only women who may get bulky are typically taller and bigger and will have filled out during puberty. And if this is you, embrace it and lift heavy weights for your health and fitness 🙂

Heavy weight training has numerous benefits – for women especially, it makes your bones stronger and helps minimise the risk of osteoporosis.

It also strengthens ligaments and tendons, which tend to be weaker in women.

Heavy weight training gives us the curves and figure, many of us would like.You want that defined back and shoulders, rounded butt and slim, toned legs? Learn to lift heavy!

Weight training makes your workout simple. 30 reps in total, some conditioning and you’re done! No need for hours on a treadmill followed up by hundreds of laps on machines. My workouts are usually half an hour and we’re finished.

My final reason for learning how to lift heavy is that, for me personally, it gives me a huge confidence boost. I recently went on holiday and had to drag my hand luggage off the train to the airport. A few months ago, this would have been a struggle (hey, who doesn’t fill that wheelie bag till it bursts? :)), this time, without a thought, I hoisted it off, picked it up and walked around with it, not even noticing! I could put it in the overhead bins by myself as well, something I used to ask for help with.

The bottom line is being strong is good and getting strong is actually quite simple.

What is heavy anyway?

Here’s a tip. If the dumbbell is pink, made of some weird rubber or chrome. It’s not heavy 🙂

I’m not a serious powerlifter but having some goals to aim for makes it easier to motivate myself. These are my personal goals. Remember, always start off light, lift with good form and progressively increase the weight.

Always give weight training your full focus! The very rare times I injured myself lifting weights I wasn’t paying full attention to what I was doing.

Now here are my targets for weights. Bear in mind, when I first started I used just the bar and very light dumbbells.

Deadlift 1.75x bodyweight

Squat 1.25x bodyweight

Barbell military press .75x bodyweight

I’m not going to tell you what bodyweight is 😉

Here’s a very simple starter routine that you can do twice a week. Add in your favourite core training exercises, stretch and we’re done!

Session 1.
Deadlift, 5 sets, 5 – 7 reps
Military Press, 3 sets, 5 – 7 reps

Session 2.
Squat, 5 sets, 5 – 7 reps
Military Press, 3 sets, 5 – 7 reps

In between sets take as much rest as you need – your heartbeat, breathing, grip return to normal. 3 minutes minimum, I’d say 5mins typical.

If the session goes to plan, and the weights feel light, next time you do that session add 5kg on for the squat or deadlift, and 2.5kg for the military press.

So foxes, go start lifting!

Here’s a video of me deadlifting 82.5kg