Boost your metabolism, burn fat and eat more!

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I speak to a lot of people in the gym about their weight loss journey and one constant factor that comes up is how, the weight loss start off well, but then slows down and eventually comes to a stop.

The reason is, when you start lowering your calories, your metabolism (well, your metabolic rate) starts slowing down too. Your body wants to preserve its energy stores no matter the cost, and looking lean and toned are not as important as that fat for fuel.

Many people then make the mistake of adding in even more cardio, which usually has the opposite effect you’d think it does. When you’re not having enough calories going in, exercise will burn muscle rather than fat. Lose muscle, your metabolic rate goes down even further.

So what’s the answer. It’s counterintuitive and everybody struggles with it but it works.

The answer for most is to eat more, and work out more!

For eating more, this doesn’t mean doughnuts and cakes. Eat lean meat and fish for your protein, healthy fats and as much greens and veggies as you want.

And for working out, learn to lift heavy weights. Muscle is metabolically active – having muscle means you burn more calories, even when you’re not doing anything. Add in one or two sessions of high intensity cardio (no more than that) and you’ll transform your body into a calories (and fat burning) furnace!