Detox. A myth?

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It’s hard to ignore all the noise about detoxes. From some of our favourite celebs, to some serious looking people surrounded by a lot of fruit and veg, reeling off dense and complex “facts”, the truth is, it’s very hard getting to the facts under all the marketing.

As with most things, the answer to why a detox is “effective” is pretty simple. For about a week whilst you’re on it, you’re eating that much more healthily. A few days after, once you start on the cakes again, the pounds pile back on.

And for most of us normal people, a juice or detox diet just isn’t sustainable. We don’t get enough protein, ironically, we don’t get enough calories.

In future blog posts, we’ll look at ways we can comfortably and easily adjust our diets and I’ll even show you my second favourite kitchen gadget.