Exercises For A Perfect Posture – The Goblet Squat

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Want a foolproof way to develop toned, strong and sexy legs? Stand taller and move better? Learn to goblet squat. It’s deceptively simple. Give it a go and tell me how you feel the next day 😉

This exercise will challenge your legs, improve how you move through your T-spine and even give your abs a quick workout.

All you need is a weight (I’m partial to a kettlebell but you can use a dumbbell or anything else heavyish) that you can hold in both hands and a bit of space.

Hold the weight in both hands with your arms a comfortable distance away from your body. The closer you hold it towards you, the easier the exercise gets and vice versa.

Tighten your abs, inhale and squat back and down. Imagine someone is pulling your hips back rather than just dropping straight down.

Descend as far as is comfortable and hold for a three count.

Exhale, and stand, pushing your hips forwards and imagine someone is pulling you up by your ears. This helps promote good alignment. Repeat for six to eight reps.

Aim to drop that little bit lower on each rep with the eventual aim being to drop into a full squat, where your hamstrings touch your calves. If you really want to show off you can aim to get your bum to the ground 🙂

You can adopt a narrow stance which is what I recommend beginners do, or a wider stance to really pry open the hips. This will really stretch and open up your hip adductors.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!