Power Bra and Power Brow – 2 things every girl should have!

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Power Bra – get yourself measured and fitted. Know your correct size WHATEVER IT IS and only wear bras that fit well. A good fitting bra improves your posture, your breathing, and, as a result, your energy, confidence and mood!

Now if you want to experience the Full Power of The Power Bra then invest in a SPORTS BRA even if you are not a gym-goer and do not do any exercise at all. Needless to say it has to be a WELL FITTING SPORTS BRA! Try wearing it on weekends when walking to/from shops, it is guaranteed to make you feel sportier and add spring to your step! Beware, you might actually find yourself WANTING to break into jogging or jumping-jacking! That’s the magic effect of the POWER BRA. Tried and tested.

A Power Bra does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Perfect fit is the only criteria. I myself am a huge fan of M&S sports bras!

Power Brow – wider, fuller brows associate with health and youth. Provided they are tasteful and well maintained they suit any woman ANY AGE, shaping face, adding youthfulness, accentuating eyes, so less eye make up is required. As a result you look better, you feel younger and your confidence soars!

Have not been blessed with full eyebrows or worked well on getting them into a thin line? Luckily in our day and age there are loads of ways to improve the shape of your brows and fix it, even it has been ruined by years of plucking! Choose a good salon, where they will help create and maintain a good shape and colour. Make sure you read reviews and check photos of their work prior to doing anything, charcoal through stencil is not a Power Brow!

Here’s a bit of promotion but it might help somebody who is stuck looking for a good salon – book an appointment at The Blue Mango Salon. I trust them with my nails (and much much more!), and have seen the work they do fixing over-plucked brows! This is where I’m going to go when my time comes!

Leaving you with an article on the Brow Enhancers and on the Sports Bra Fitting, try both and discover a happier, more confident you! 🙂 xx