Fitness For Foxes – Super Heavy Carries

In #BigBangExercises by Polina

I love experimenting with new training ideas and equipment. Most are useless (I’m looking at you, Shake Weight) but – some very few – are absolutely excellent.

Heavy carries goes in the absolutely excellent category.

If you want to shred fat, build and tone lean muscle and get a super cardio session, these are pretty much unbeatable.

Most importantly, they’re just the most fun! My clients love them and they get so competitive when we do heavy carries, always trying to beat their best from the last session, it’s a great motivator.

You can use anything that’s heavy, kettlebells, weight plates – I have these lovely bags which, due to their size and length, add an extra challenge. Start off with 25% of your body weight (remember to halve that for each hand!) and walk as far as you can with them. We go up and down the length of the gym, and kettlebell swing and row at either end for extra training

We want to work up to using 50% of our bodyweight and for a challenge, bodyweight (in each hand) – you will be a beautiful bad ass when you get there.

Give it a go, or if you’re in London Bridge, drop me a message and we can have a session with them 😉