Lifting For Beginners – The Landmine Deadlift

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The Landmine socket is fast becoming one of my go-to tools for new clients and beginners to weight lifting. I’ve talked about how to use it for shoulder training, squats and now we show you how to deadlift with it.

The barbell deadlift is one of my favourite exercises – you just feel strong and powerful when you lift a heavy weight, but it is a technically complex exercise. The landmine reduces the learning curve considerably, so is useful to learn the body mechanics and build a base level of strength.

All the same rules apply.

  • Keep your low back neutral
  • Weight on your heels
  • Chest up
  • Arms straight
  • Brace your core and squeeze your glutes
  • Inhale just before the lift, short sharp exhale as you lift
  • Lift with your legs – the power comes through your legs, push through with your hips as you stand up