Fix Your Deadlift – keeping the bar close

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I’m a bit of a technique obsessive as all my clients will tell you.

Apparently they all have nightmares of me and my prodding stick, yelling at them to “use your butt!”

There is a reason for it – technique, good technique means you can lift more, lift safely and get better results.

One of my favourite exercises is the deadlift – it will define and tone virtually all your muscles at the back of your body such as your hamstrings, butt, back and triceps.

But the deadlift is also a tough exercise to learn and perform well. One of the most common mistakes is letting the bar to drift away from you. This puts a lot of strain on the back and not in a good way.

So you need to get the bar close to you *and* you need to keep it close to you. This exercise is one of the best ways to do this. It’s called a sweeping deadlift.

The band pulls the bar away from you and you need to actively engage your back to keep it close. Have fun with it 🙂