Foxy Core Training Teaser

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Here at Meanfitfoxes HQ, the question we get asked most is “how do you spell Piccadilly?”. The next most popular question is “how do I get a flat belly?”

As it’s such a popular subject we’re writing an in depth guide to core training with exercises that start off with basic activation, to advanced exercises that will make your abs cry for mummy. 🙂

All the proofreading and video editing will take a bit of time so we’ve put together a quick teaser for you all to try out now. Leave a message for us on our Facebook Page when you’ve done it!

Bird Dogs. One of the first exercises we teach any new client. A simple way of activating core muscles and feeling how they work

Band hold. A static band hold that works your obliques (the sides of your waist) and lots of deeper muscles too


Band pull and chop. An advanced exercise, this really works your obliques and abs. Looks mean when done outside too 🙂