The Dead Bug

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My favourite introduction to core training, the Dead Bug is a great way to learn how to activate all your core muscles. It looks simple but when combined with deep breathing can be quite a challenge.

Key points

  • Make sure your lower back is pressed firmly into the ground. You might find it helpful to roll a small towel up and put it under you and press into it.
  • Exhale fully when you lower the extending arm and leg. Imagine pulling your belly button into your spine. This helps activate what’s known as the inner unit, which are very deep core muscles.
  • Extend and retract with control.
  • Keep your neck relaxed. You might want to rest your head on a pillow for support.
  • Do about 10 reps to start with and then challenge yourself to do them for time. For example, continuous for 2 minutes.
  • Keep it slow – deep inhale, full slow exhale, keep pressing that back into the ground!