Get Your Body Fat Measured @ BodyScan UK

In Health by Polina

As I write this at the start of 2018, lots and lots of us are getting into New Year resolution mode. I will get fitter this year, I’ll tone up, lose the beer belly etc.

Problem is, what does it all mean? And I’m not talking existentially. How much do you need to “tone up”, how much body fat do you need to burn off?

That’s why one of the very first things you should do is get some health markers and measurements.

BodyScan UK offer DEXA scans – probably the best way to measure what your body is made up of. You’ll find out how much lean muscle mass, bone density and body fat you actually are made of. It will also measure imbalances between left and right hand side.

Want to get a 10% discount on a scan? Simply use the code REFERAFRIEND when booking. I get the same as well so maybe we can go together and I’ll get my big toes scanned 🙂

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