Have you tried our famous Chicken and Veg recipe? :)

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I’m sure I’ve shared this recipe before but I still love it and still use it. This is my go-to recipe. Why? Because it’s easy and quick! Getting veg onto our plates is more difficult that we think:

  1. The choice in the cafes is very limited, today’s lunch in Costa, there was ONE chicken salad (ONE!), named high protein (12g/box… erm OK… how is this high protein?) So what do we do? We make the easy choice – we grab whatever is available. A wrap, a toastie, a soup.. and some flapjacks and crisps because 150g of soup isn’t going to be enough from 12:30 to 7pm.
  2. We don’t have time to go shops at lunch for fear of getting distracted from what we do (even though everyone knows a break is actually GOOD) and for fear getting stuck in the queues… It’s easier and quicker to eat at the desk.
  3. We’re too tired to cook after work so it’s much easier to munch on some bread and butter or stick a ready meal in the microwave.

The key word here is easy. We do like nutritious foods and we do like veg actually, it’s just not easy to get it. Basically, veg for lunch and dinner presumes cooking – either from scratch or in advance. Either way it presumes having the right foods for cooking there readily available. Basically, planning involved!

That’s right, PLANNING makes things easy. Call it boring, in my books food planning is taking care of yourself. Like skin care and make-up!  Would you want to discover in the morning you’ve run out of mascara, no – you can see you are running out, you go and buy a new one IN ADVANCE!

Same with veg. If you are looking to lose inches and do not want to keep starving day after day, you’ll learn to plan and prep what you eat in advance!

And that’s where the MFF super easy chicken comes in! It’s easy cooking. It’s tasty and filling and we’ll start you off, even if you aren’t a Chef’s chef (like Mr Fox here, always coming up with inspired recipes and combos) but more of a sous-chef (like me, I like to EAT, and to chop things, but my food imagination and skills are limited, so I go for the easy things)

You are welcome!

Let me know how it goes and if you’ve your own super easy recipes 🙂