MeanFitFoxes Cross Trainer Fat Burners

In Fitness, Health, Motivation, Training by Polina

There aren’t many cardio machines I get people to use, in fact, the rowing machine and the cross trainer are the main ones I do! I’m still waiting for an Airdyne to be delivered to PureGym Bermondsey 🙂

So why these two? The rower because you can scale it from beginner – a gentle row for 500m is a great finisher if you’re new to the gym, to advanced – try tabata sprints, and try not to let your lungs fall out!

The cross trainer because you can also scale it from beginner to advanced. It’s also the one low impact total body cardio machine that you do standing up. We tend to spend way too much time sitting at a desk, so any opportunity to be on your feet is best.

Try these simple protocols and watch that fat melt off (if you have your nutrition dialled in…)