How To: Stretch And Strengthen Your Adductors

In Tutorials by Polina

Quick post this week on how and why you’d want to stretch your adductors (AKA your inner thighs)

The Why first. The adductors play an important part in stabilising your knee and is a common source of “groin pulls” when moving from side to side. Stretching and strengthening them is important!

Onto the How.

The easiest way to stretch your adductors is the Butterfly stretch. Keep your back straight, bring the soles of your feet together, open your hips, lean forward and use your elbows to gently bring your knees to the ground.

With a foam roller, it’s really hard to describe, so just check out the picture 🙂 you should put most of the pressure on the inner thigh and roll from the knee up to the groin and back.

And finally, an advanced strength stretch is a deep side lunge. Take a comfortable stance and hold the side lunge. Aim to go a bit deeper each time you practice.