The 30 Day Glute Challenge – RDL

In #30DayGluteChallenge by Polina

Now we start lifting weights to develop that booty!

Squats and deadlifts are some of the best exercises to develop your glutes and hips. My favourite variant for clients is the Romanian Deadlift or RDL. It emphasises your hamstrings and glutes which will give you curves and definition to your legs and butt.

Start with the bar on a rack or blocks, stand close to the bar, lift off and hold in the locked out position. Hips straight, back tall, shoulders back and down, look straight ahead.

Push your hips back as far as you can, whilst allowing the knees to unlock somewhat. The emphasis is on pushing the hips back. Engage your lats (the back muscles) to keep pushing the bar into your thighs. You should feel almost all the tension in the back of your legs and butt.

One common mistake I see is people lowering the bar too far down. The reason why I don’t like this is that the hip hinge has pretty much stopped and the remaining movement is all in rounding the lower back. I usually find that the most effective range of motion is from the top of the hip to about high to mid shin.

I recommend fairly high reps, the glutes and hammies are very strong, sets of 10, and 2 – 3 sets. There isn’t a need to go super heavy.