Ignore your goals, build a habit instead.

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I’m writing this at that time of year where we all make resolutions – get fitter, eat better, learn a new language.

Give it a month and it all disappears. I’m guilty of this too :/

Have been reading a lot about why goals tend not to work – apparently there’s research on goal setting that finds the action of setting a goal gives us an instant dopamine hit, which makes us feel better, but it doesn’t compel us to do anything!

Building a habit has been shown to be a better approach.

Want to run 5km in the next three months? That’s cool but how do you start?

Simple. Pull your trainers on…and that’s it.
Next day, tie the laces and maybe step out of the front door.

It will feel silly, but having such small steps, such simple tasks that it’s almost harder to not do it, is the key.

Give it a go with anything. You’ll be surprised at how effective it is.