Learn to to say I CAN

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The world is going crazy, life is difficult, clock is ticking…Trying to make sense out of it all and balance things out isn’t easy. Would that it were so simple…

But however sceptical, confused or scared we are – we all wired to evolve. Yes, we love familiarity and comfort, but gives us 5 minutes and we are unhappy again – that’s nature: without change and development we get frustrated and, eventually, depressed. A paradox.

The funny thing is that more often than not we stop our own chances of moving forward, by allowing our fears and insecurities to creep in and settle. Hundreds of reasons of why something isn’t possible turn up and we stay where we are… After a while everything becomes a massive effort. It’s a downward spiral.

THIS is not natural. Feeling scared of unknown is.

We could all do with more confidence (and exercise is a great way to develop it! Come train with us and see what’s going to happen)

Here are the 5 things I’ve learned last year. What you learn you cannot unlearn, and having experienced these things, I now have to be honest with myself – who am I kidding, of course I can do it. At the very least I can try.

  • For things to change you need to move.
  • You can only do your best. Deep inside you know whether you are doing your best or not.
  • There is nothing wrong with failing. And trying again.
  • Stress is destructive but it is possible to make it work for your benefit. Learn to see things as exciting opportunities and stress will help you learn, develop, and even concentrate.
  • Registering moments when you are feeling positive and grateful (even if it’s a split second) make you a happier person.

Anywhere you turn there’s guaranteed to be some sort of a motivational quote. And we all know cliches become cliches because they are true. Here’s one: I can and I will. Maybe letting some cliches sink in isn’t a bad thing? 🙂