Meanfitfoxes Abs Challenge – Day 30

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We have made it! 30 days in a row of daily little steps taken for YOU, for your health, for your strength, for your confidence. We all know what “I don’t have time” means, when we hear this phrase we know to step aside wisely, prod and you’ll get all sorts of issues from procrastination to low self-esteem. It’s much more difficult when we hear this from ourselves, are we really so busy morning to night we’ve 4 minutes to spare to practice something that will give us a boost of energy, improve posture, and bring us closer to the goal of the 95% women – visible abs? Or… I am not going to go there 🙂 Deep inside you always know the answer.

This challenges is not just about abs and core. It’s about building habits to stay. It’s about being honest with yourself, pushing yourself and overcoming whatever is in your way.

If you have done week 1 and 2, you would have encountered the exercises that require more practice, so here you go – use them!

So today is the last day and today we’ve a Summary of the most challenging exercises as voted by you.

And tonight we are going to film these exercises as a group 💪🦊

5. Slider Body Saw

4. Ab Wheel Roll Outs

3. Push Ups

2. Stir The Pot

1. Hanging Leg Raises