Meanfitfoxes Abs Challenge, Week 1, Day 6

In #30DayAbsChallenge by Polina

Onto Day 6, almost a week’s worth of training! How have you all kept up? One of the objectives of this challenge is to make exercise a habit, a routine – and since we all love an abs challenge – let’s keep ourselves motivated and keep the training going.

Today we have a simple workout as on Day 7 we have cardio day again 🙂

We have pushups – which you did a few days ago (see Day 2, you did do it, didn’t you…???) and a variety of leg raises.

A few coaching cues for leg raises: arms to the sides with palms up (no gripping the floor, no sticking hands under your bum), back stays firmly on the ground, when lowering legs your belly might want to come up, back curving at waist – that’s the time when the core work starts! To avoid curving – exhale fully, feel there’s no air left and your belly is getting glued to your back, pushing it into the ground. Also keep your legs tight (especially when lowering), point your toes and exteeeend the leg that’s going down! Don’t worry if the upper leg isn’t straight, keep the knee bent but ensure the lower leg is lowered with control.

You can also put a small towel under your lower back as an aid to help you feel where you need to push into. I don’t typically bother but for some clients it really can help.

Control is the key, as always, take your time with this exercise and go at a comfortable rhythm for you.

Set 1 I am doing slow alternate leg raises – controlled and smooth movement.
Set 2 fast alternate leg raises – swapping legs rapidly (obvs :))
Set 3 classic leg raises – both legs go up and down at the same time.