Meanfitfoxes Abs Challenge, Week 1, Day 7

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Okay, Day 7 – one week of daily training! Whoop-whoop! We are doing it, foxes! Not only are you working on getting your abs more defined and core stronger, you’re working on making exercise a daily habit too.

Today’s workout is a summary. Pick any of the three exercises we’ve done this week and do 3 sets of 30 seconds for each exercise, then polish it all off with our mini cardio session.

Exercises – go for the most challenging ones, so you can practice and really work on your form. Done right, fully engaged, none of the exercises are easy, especially the last set! You might be used to side touches – check that each rep is as good at the first one, that you are extending as far as you can and that your abs are engaged throughout, ah, and remember to exhale on every 2nd touch. Now tell me 30 seconds are easy 🙂

I’ve gone for the push-ups to practice keeping that tightness in the body for longer and for the side planks and hip pops to develop my left side.

Cardio session – whether you do it straight aways after the abs or later – up to you. Just make sure it’s done! Stair runs, rowing machine, hill sprints or cross trainer. Here’s a link to the previous sesh, perhaps you want to do the same and compare the results?

I’ve gone for stair runs, got some weird looks from the passers by, which made Mr Fox laugh, ah well, I don’t mind.

Let me know how it is going for you! Remember posting snippets of your training daily with #ImPureGymMotivated and tagging Pure Gym (IG @PureGymOfficial, FB @PureGym) can win a month free membership! Please tag @meanfitfoxes to take part in the prize draw, use #TeamFox and #BeautifulStrength!