New Years Fit Tip. Ignore the scales today, go out and move!

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Writing this on the 1st Jan, 2016. Pinch, punch, first of the month and all that stuff!

It’s also the day where we all start to panic a bit when we think back about how much we ate (a whole Hotel Chocolat Christmas Sleekster box! Really?)

Anyway, my tip for the day. Don’t get on the scales. If you have put on weight it will just be water and unprocessed (ahem) food. You’ll probably get a bit panicked and start thinking about drastic dieting and “detoxing”

Seriously, don’t look. Just go out for a nice, long walk. Get the bike out and cycle somewhere. Hit the gym if you can deal with the crowds (and it is crowded)

Move, move and move a bit more. Ignore the scales, at least for today.