Runtastic Review

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I’ve always hated running. I used to find ways to cheat at cross country (I mean, why run around the field when I could just run across it?) but I’ve made it my aim to be able to run 1km without throwing up my lungs. Luckily there are a few apps that help track and log training and I’ve reviewed my current fave here.

I’ve been using Runtastic for a few days and here’s my thoughts

Me Likee

Pretty accurate mapping. We’ve been promised repairs to our local running track since 2012. That’s three years ago! The track was meant to be opened for the Olympics but today, it’s still a building site. Someone has taken the £300k and gone on a very nice trip to Vegas I suspect. In the meantime I’ve been using Runtastic to measure out my training distance intervals.

Lots and lots of numbers. Speed, distance, pace per mile, all sorts of lovely, lovely stats which make it easy to track improvements.

Nice interface. Nice to look at, pretty simple to use. Makes me more likely to use it

It shares data with my heart rate app and Google Fit. Very useful to get one place with all the data.

Me No Likee

Okay, maybe I’ll pay for the pro version but the ads on the app are REALLY annoying. Also, stop asking me to review the app!

Battery hog. Make sure your phone is fully charged before you start your run as the app eats battery faster than I eat doughnuts.

All in all, a great app to track your runs

Find out more at Runtastic