Super Core Training, Part 2

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Who remembers doing endless crunches and situps at school? How boring were they?

Even worse, who remembers doing situps and crunches at the gym and getting pains in the back and neck?

The truth is, crunches and situps are just a tedious and ineffective exercise for training your core (and, if we’re being a tiny bit shallow, a flat belly)

This series of videos is going to show you new ways to torture your abs, develop a strong core and get amazing results.

The exercise is one of my favourites. I’ve got a set of slides to do them on but if you have wooden floors you can do them in socks or use paper plates. Improvise 🙂

  • Keep the back perfectly straight, tight abs and clench your butt.
  • The upper body is perfectly still, the rocking action comes from the entire torso.
  • Keep your shoulder blades pushed away from your ears, don’t let them sag.
  • This is much tougher than it looks. Take it easy before trying to increase how far you rock back. Eventually the aim is to touch your nose to the floor.