Secrets Of Super Core Training, part 1

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Going to start a new series of videos showing you some exciting ways to train your core. No more boring crunches!

We’re going to start off with medicine ball slams. They may not look like much but everyone we do these with has trouble standing up straight the next morning, they are that tough on your core and abs.

They are also surprisingly hard work on your cardio fitness. High rep slams will get you sweating and out of breath fast.

And mainly, they are just a *LOT* of fun. A great way to get rid of stress and you can imagine that you’re slamming the ball into, well, anyone you don’t like 🙂

Key points

  • Safety first! Make sure the area around you is clear and the surface you are slamming on won’t damage the medicine ball.
  • Start light, we are aiming for maximum speed.
  • Hold the ball firmly, then squat slightly.
  • Lift the medicine ball up fast with straight arms, extend up onto your toes
  • Then slam the medicine ball down *hard* into the ground. You’ll find you develop the most power if you coordinate a drop into a squat stance. Exhale whilst slamming the ball.

Here’s a short video of medicine ball slams