Skip The Fish Oil. Try Algae Oil Instead

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If you follow health and fitness advice (or trends) you probably know all about fish oils and omega 3.

TL;DR – Fish oil really is a “miracle” supplement! It’s a huge source of omega 3 oil, which reduce inflammation in the body, can improve memory function and lower blood pressure.

However it does come at a cost. Fish supplies are diminishing and the situation is worsening. Fish contamination is at an all time high and again, although it is within safe levels, the situation is worsening.

That’s why there’s been a lot of work on finding alternative sources of omega 3 and algae oil is turning out be potentially better than fish oil!

Firstly, the bioavailability of DHA / EPA (the essential fatty acids that we need) in algae oil is much higher in algae oil than fish oil. This means that the same amount of algae oil provides a much higher concentration of the good stuff.

Secondly, algae is much more widely available and can be cultivated on land. This means that there will be more and more suppliers as the market grows, which means algae oil will be getting cheaper and cheaper.

Thirdly, it’s easier to keep algae “clean” with fewer contaminants.

Finally, it will also ease off overfishing so that fish stocks can be increased.

I’m convinced that algae oil will be a growing supplement over the next few years – so start taking it now and feel smug about being ahead of the fitness trend curve 🙂