Big Bang Exercises – Shoulder Press

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In general, we female Foxes tend not to do enough weight training, and when we do, it’s usually ineffective for fear of getting “bulky”

Here at Meanfitfoxes we are on a mission to change that as a solid weight training programme will transform your physique and fitness for the better!

In past tutorials we’ve concentrated on a lot of lower body exercises, so in today’s blog post we’re going to change that for something that works spectacularly well for toning our arms and shoulders as well as getting rid of those bingo wings.

You’ll need a pair of dumbbells which some of you might have at home and they’ll definitely have in the gym. Now this is going to be the first step in the challenge. Most ladies I meet use those dinky little 2kg or 4kg dumbbells, or even worse, the seated shoulder press machine. If that’s you I want you to go grab a pair of 6kg or 8kg dumbbells. A good weight to aim for, once you get stronger, is 20% of your bodyweight, so if you weigh 60kg, work up to using a pair of 12kg dumbbells.

I always advise everybody learn to use free weights. For a lot of reasons it’s actually safer than machines and the training results are so much better. I’ll go into the reasons why another time!

Anyhoo, the next thing we learn is to “clean” the dumbbells up into position.

  • You’ll start by holding the dumbbells by your side
  • Push your hips back, maintaining a flat lower back and tight abs
  • Swing the dumbbells back a touch and lift your chest up
  • In one smooth movement, snap your hips forwards and, using the momentum from your hips, quickly pull the dumbbells up to your shoulders
  • Grip them tight and bring them to a halt

Now we’re ready to press!

  • Make sure your abs are engaged, knees are slightly bent for a solid, secure stance
  • Keep your chest up, shoulder blades pulled back and shoulders pulled down slightly
  • Inhale, partly filling your lungs and keep your abs tight! This will protect your lower back from excessive arching
  • Grip the dumbbell in your weaker hand tight and drive it up towards the ceiling, exhaling sharply. You should feel the power of your entire body in the pressing action, all the way from your toes to your fingertips
  • Take a quick sniff of air and actively pull the dumbbell down, whilst driving the other one up, again exhale sharply
  • That counts as 1 rep. Repeat for 6 – 8 reps, rest for a few minutes and repeat that set twice
  • Breathing is short and controlled throughout the set

This is one of my favourite upper body exercises and it will firm up and tone your upper body super-quickly. As an added bonus you’ll be able to help someone put their luggage up in the overhead bins next time you fly! 🙂