Superfoods. Sauerkraut – The Follow Up

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I’ve written about sauerkraut before and how it’s a superfood. And how it can turn a hot dog or burger into a #SuperFood too 🙂

As good as it is, the problem with almost all shop-bought sauerkraut is that it’s pasteurised, which is useful for mass production to ensure all the bad bacteria is killed off, but it does mean all the probiotics are gone too!

That’s why I decided to make my own. Now for the important disclaimer bit. There’s always a risk with any homemade fermenting, I recommend going to a specialist for lessons and advice. Fermenting relies on natural bacteria in the air and on our fruits and veggies, which means there’s always a (tiny) risk of your ferment going off. Your results may not be the same as mine, and, well, we’re all grown-ups here, so if you do decide to try making your own kraut, you take responsibility, okay?

Here’s a couple of links I used for reference

Serious Eats

The Kitchn

And the results are in the photo above! Extremely tasty, very cheap to make and highly nutritious. You can experiment with spices, I’ve used cumin and the Indian/Asian flavour worked very well!

Next fermenting day I’m going to make kimchi and I’ll post up what happens here…mmm, kimchi… 🙂