Superfoods. Yoghurt.

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I get often asked what snacks would I recommend, yoghurt is one of my favourites: protein, probiotics and calcium. Healthy bacteria helps digestion, improves immunity, lowers cholesterol. Good stuff working, tasty and feels like eating a dessert! 🙂 It’s refreshing, keeps your tummy flat and even helps to lose weight.

When it comes to yoghurts I suggest choosing full fat vs low fat. Low-fat yoghurts often have starches, gums, even gelatine added to improve the taste and texture once the fat is removed.

Also thick yoghurts tend to have more protein, and, as I’ve discovered for myself, eating the right amount of protein keeps you full for longer helping to stop craving snacks and sweets. Hey, yoghurt is the snack that helps you to stop snacking! 😀

Also choose yoghurts without any biscuits/muesli/rice bits added. Add a banana or some seeds yourself.

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And finally, I’ll share my breakfast yoghurt “recipe” – prepare this the night before so you can get an extra ten minutes sleep 🙂

Take half a tub of yoghurt. I love the Rachel’s brand – ginger, apple and cinnamon being the yummiest flavours. Add some uncooked oats, about three tablespoons (45g – 50g), a whole avocado and a teaspoon of cacao nibs. Mix it well and eat. This keeps me full till lunch time and I have stopped snacking mid morning! It’s that good. It’s also helped me drop about 5kg of weight which, for me, is pretty impressive.