Embrace Embarrassment, Learn Things Quicker

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Think back to when, as a baby, you started to learn to walk. You mastered the crawl, which may have led to many a merry chase with the family dog (maybe that was just me?), then you learnt to stand, then finally, with a slight wobble you learnt to walk. Success!

The same pattern gets repeated in everything we do in childhood from learning to speak, to riding a bicycle, to speaking another language. Who remembers French lessons at school? (Bonjour!)

Yet in adulthood we ditch this approach, learning new skills get more difficult and I think I know why.

We want be good at all we do and look amazing doing it. And do it straight away but…

We get embarrassed by, well, almost everything.

Some women I speak to are too embarrassed to go to the gym because they think people will stare. Newsflash – almost no one will stare, and those that do are going to be as rude outside of the gym. Some men are too embarrassed to go to dance classes because they think they can’t dance. Another newsflash – you can’t dance! That’s why you go to classes to learn 🙂

We need to embrace that feeling of embarrassment. Laugh it off and enjoy it to really spend time learning something new. It’s usually happens when we feel at our worst. We feel fat, we feel clumsy, we want to give up – it’s that point where with just a little push further, we achieve results. Learning gives sense of purpose, improves confidence and makes you feel happy. So take that first step. Sign up to the gym, sign up to that dance class or yoga class and keep learning. Onward and upward, my foxy friends! 😉