To soak or not to soak

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Saturday AM drama: didn’t soak oats for breakfast, was to eat as it avocado/oats/Greek yogurt/banana but remembered reading somewhere eating totally raw oats is not good… An hour later, oats eaten and loads of new stuff learned! 🙂

Raw oats not recommended as they can cause bloating unless enough liquids consumed & because they contain phytic acid, which reduces absorption of minerals.

Well, as always, magazine info doesn’t give the whole picture. First of all phytic acid is in most nuts, beans and plants. Anyone eating plants, especially vegetarians, consumes phytic acid, the amount taken is to be watched when trying to increase iron levels. But there’s loads of benefits too!

E.g. Phytic acid helps prevent hardening of the arteries and platelet formation.

Those who consume more phytic acid are less likely to succumb to breast and prostate cancer.

Phytic acid plays a role in pancreatic function and insulin secretion, reducing glycemic response from meals, meaning you feel full for longer.

As with most things it’s all about balance! We might want to reduce phytic acid intake but not eliminate it. My unsoaked oats are in yogurt and come with avocado & bananas (vit C), AND I drink loads of liquids, basically I’m safe 🙂

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