Ten Simple Tips That Will Transform Your Health & Fitness (5/10)

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Tip 5 is about forming habits.

Big changes are stressful. They are difficult to implement and scary to think about, they are too much hard work and pressure. Small changes are effortless, easy to work into daily life, and bring positivity, happiness and confidence.

Concentrate on developing one habit at a time. Changing several things at once puts too much pressure, diverts attention and can be stressful. Research shows that implementing one habit is 80% more likely to continue a year later. Try changing two things at the same life and your chance of success drops to 35%. Tackling three or more changes brings the chances down to 5% success only, truly – less is more!

Keep it simple. Start small. Break tasks down into segments that are definitely doable, so small it is silly not to do it. Choose one habit, practice it for 2 weeks, execute it for 2 weeks, only then start on the next habit.

So if you want to go for a run but don’t know where to start? Simple! Pull on your trusty trainers and just go for a quick walk. You’ll run a bit next time 🙂 Just up the commitment a tiny bit each time and you’ll be doing a 5k in no time.

A new language is not learned in a day – do not expect to be great straight away. Keep at it, acknowledge results, and, most importantly, enjoy the process! Do not worry about slip ups, banish feeling guilty, just return to your habit and continue.