Weight Training For Women, Step 5. Heavy drags and carries

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When I first started weight training last year, one of my immediate concerns was “but what about my cardio?” After that first session with kettlebells, and after I washed all the sweat off, I understood how weight training can be cardio. In fact, it was one of the hardest training I’ve ever done!

Now you might think of weights as just barbells and dumbbells but anything where you lift, carry, drag or push something is weight training and will make you strong and fit.

Dragging heavy objects will give your hammies and butt an amazing workout, and carrying heavy objects will strengthen your core and tone shoulders super quick. It’s also going to get your heart racing too.

Learn to carry things in a bear hug or across your shoulders, it really is a fantastic workout.

You can use sandbags or ‘Boris’, who usually works as a wrestling dummy, but I persuaded him to be my partner for my drag-and-carry workout 🙂

The lightest Boris is 25kg, a great weight for most women to start off with. Boris in the video is 40kg, can get heavier Borises too.

It really is great fun, giggles guaranteed! And sweat too!